Pick Color code as:
CSS       hex, rgb, rgba, rgb%, rgba%, hsl, hsla.
Cocoa    NScolor, CGColorRef.
iOS         UIColor, CGColorRef.
Pick Gradient code as:
CSS       webkit-gradient, moz-linear-gradient
Cocoa    NSGradient, CGGradientRef
iOS         CGGradientRef

A robust color picker for CSS, Mac and iOS Developers

Includes HSL sliders for CSS developers.

Pick your gradients.

Creates gradient code for CSS, Mac and iOS developers.

Paste your gradient into your code.

Pick your gradients for Mac and iOS developement environments too.

Gradient Editor

Edit gradients on the x or y axis.

Easily reverse your gradients.

Handles alpha channel.

For both CSS and Mac gradients.

Gradient Swatch

Save your gradients for later.

Preview CSS colors in Webkit.

Preview what your css color will look like in Webkit based browsers.

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Video Demo Screenshots Available on the Mac App Store