CSS Div Builder - Build CSS styles for your Divs.

Styles HTML divs with CSS and preview the results without writing a single line of CSS or HTML.

Copy the CSS into your web development workflow.

Visually learn the subtleties of CSS styling, layout and positioning.

Blueprint Builder - Blueprint CSS Layout Builder for Mac.

Blueprint Builder lets you generate a Blueprint CSS framework for a grid of any dimension.

Draw your html layout graphically on top of Blueprint.

Use semantic CSS IDs like id="sidear" instead of class="span-6, last".

Cocoa Color - Gradient and color picker for CSS, Mac, & iOS.

Copy gradient and color code for CSS, Cocoa and iOS development.

A robust interface for gradient and color picking for all CSS Mac and iOS work.

Drop Shadow - Borders & Drop Shadows for your images.

Quickly add borders and drop shadows to jpg, png and tiff images.

Batch process dozens of images at a one time.

Modify all files names in one batch with a prefix or suffix.

xGoldenSection - Layout tool based on the Golden Ratio.

xGoldenSection is a graphics tool that shows the Golden Section between any two points on the screen.

It floats on top of all apps so you can use it in web development, photo work, graphic design, and any graphical layout work.